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Azure Trilogy Ring

Azure Trilogy Ring

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Venture into the heart of Italian elegance with the Lussolo Azure Perla Ring. At its centerpiece, a mesmerizing blue pear-shaped diamond gleams, evoking the depths and mysteries of the Mediterranean Sea. Set in the pure allure of 18k gold this gem is gracefully flanked by two pristine white diamonds, reminiscent of the gleaming shores that embrace the Italian coastline. Every Azure Perla ring stands as a testament to Lussolo's dedication to unmatched craftsmanship and design.

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Creation Process

Select Your Setting & Size

Begin your personalized journey by selecting the perfect setting for your ring. Choose from our exquisite range of designs, each available in various metals to suit your preference. Once you've chosen a setting, determine your size using our detailed sizing guide to ensure a flawless fit.

Expert Craftsmanship On Order

Each Lussolo ring is crafted upon order to your exact specifications. Our skilled Italian artisans, with generations of jewelry-making heritage, will meticulously handcraft your chosen design, setting each stone with precision and care. This tailored approach ensures that your ring is as unique as your personal love story.

From Italy to You

Once crafted, your custom ring is subjected to a thorough quality assessment, affirming that it meets Lussolo's high standards. After passing inspection, your ring is prepared for its journey - securely packaged and shipped with the utmost care, ready to be unveiled and adored.

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